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What Ways Of Machining Thread In CNC Machining Center?

Oct 18, 2019

what ways of machining thread in CNC machining center?

The benefits of machining workpiece with CNC machining center have been deeply understood, and there is still a mysterious veil for the operation and programming of CNC machining center. There are three ways of processing the grain: CNC milling, thread milling and tap processing.

1.Thread milling

Thread milling is a thread milling tool, which is used for machining large hole threads, as well as the processing of threaded holes for difficult machining materials. Titanium machinery is the main product of the company, which is made up of rotary top, screw, shaft, CNC lathe, knife holder and chuck.

(1). tools are generally hard alloy materials, with high speed, high thread accuracy and high machining efficiency.

(2). the same pitch, whether it is left-handed thread or right-handed thread, can use a tool to reduce the cost of cutting tools;

(3). Thread milling method is especially suitable for thread processing of stainless steel, copper and other difficult to machine materials, easy to chip and cool, and can ensure the quality and safety of processing.

(4), there is no tool head guide, it is easier to process the blind hole with shorter thread bottom hole or the hole without cutter slot.

The thread milling tools are divided into two kinds: the clamp type carbide insert milling cutter and the integrated carbide milling cutter. The clamping tool can not only process holes with thread depth less than the blade length, but also process holes with thread depth greater than the length of the blade; and the monolithic carbide milling cutter is used for holes with the depth of the screw thread less than the tool length;

Thread milling CNC programming points of attention: to avoid damage to the tool or machining error.

1. After processing the thread bottom hole, the small diameter hole is processed by the drill bit, and the bigger Kong Lai is bored to ensure the accuracy of the thread bottom hole.

2. the cutter generally uses the circular arc of the 1/2 circle to cut into and cut out to ensure the thread shape, and the tool radius compensation value should be brought into this time.

Two. CNC machining center tap processing method

It is suitable for thread holes with small diameter or low location accuracy. Generally speaking, the diameter of thread bottom hole bit is close to the upper limit of tolerance of thread bottom hole diameter, which can reduce the machining allowance of taps, reduce the load of taps, and improve the service life of taps.

We should choose the appropriate tap according to the material processed, compared with the milling cutter and boring cutter. It is very sensitive to the material being processed; the tap is divided into a through hole tap and blind hole tap, and the leading end of the tap hole is long, which is the front row chip. The processing depth of the thread can not be guaranteed when processing the blind hole. If you want to learn UG NC programming, you can receive learning materials and courses in QQ group 304214709, while the blind hole front guide is shorter, so it is necessary to pay attention to the difference between the two. The use of flexible tapping chuck should pay attention to the same diameter of the tap and the width of the four sides of the tap, and the diameter of the taper shank of the tapping is the same as that of the spring jacket.

The programming of taps is simple, fixed mode and added parameter value. Attention should be paid to the numerical control system. The format of subroutines is different. The representation of the parameter is different.

Three pick buckle processing method

The buckle processing method is suitable for machining large thread holes on box parts, or without thread tap and thread milling cutter. There are several points for attention in the implementation of the method.

1, the starting spindle must have a time delay to ensure that the spindle reaches the rated speed.

2. The sharpening of the thread grinding tool for hand grinding can not be symmetrical. It can not be reversed and retracting.

3, the cutter bar must be exactly the same as the tool slot position, otherwise it can not be processed by multi tool bar, resulting in the phenomenon of unlocking.

4, the pressure can not be selected when the buckle is lifted, even if it is very small, it will not cause any loss, otherwise it will cause tooth loss, and the surface roughness is poor.

5, the buckle processing method applies only to single, small batch, special pitch threads and without corresponding cutting tools, and the machining efficiency is low.

CNC machining center buckle processing method is only a temporary emergency method. It is suggested that thread processing methods can be used to process the cutting tools in order to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of thread processing, reduce the processing cost and improve the efficiency of machining centers.