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What's For Christmas? See What Christmas Traditions Are In Every Country

Dec 18, 2019

Christmas is here

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

In addition to the festive elements of Christmas on the street, the cold winter is full of warmth, and the rich Christmas food is also mouthwatering!

Merry Christmas

Roasted turkey, Christmas pudding, eggnog, Christmas pudding ... These are the Christmas specialties that people are familiar with. The world is so big, there are always different. Let ’s take a look at what Christmas eats in various countries!


First look at Britain! Christmas dinners in the UK are extremely rich, including roast pigs, turkeys, Christmas puddings, dried fruit pies and more. It is said that the practice of eating Christmas turkey has a history of more than 300 years. The average British family will cook turkey at home by themselves. In the belly, spread a variety of spices on the surface before baking in the oven. The traditional Christmas pudding is also very sweet, and eating a little horn is already satisfying!

Merry Christmas

When cooking, the whole family will participate, symbolizing reunion and harmony, and making a wish while stirring the dough. It is said that it is necessary to stir in a clockwise direction, and it is not good to turn in the wrong direction. Finally, a coin is hidden, and anyone who eats it will get a year of luck ~



The tree-shaped cake Buchedenoel is a famous French Christmas cuisine. Before the invention of electricity, the French used a good firewood as a Christmas gift. French people are romantic by nature, and even the origin of food is romantic. In the past, a young man who could not afford a Christmas gift, picked up a piece of wood in the forest and gave it to his lover. Not only did he embrace the beauty, but he was out of control and went to the top of his life. Therefore, the trunk cake has also become a symbol of good luck for the coming year!


The Germans also attach great importance to Christmas. People will rush home for dinner on Christmas evening. The situation is like Chinese eating New Year's Eve. The most famous Christmas food in Germany is gingerbread Lebkuchen. This is a kind of snack between cakes and biscuits. Traditional gingerbread is made of honey and peppercorns. Gingerbreads are now improved, and a layer of frosting is sprinkled on the outside. People will make blessings on gingerbreads.

 Merry Christmas


It was snowing at Christmas, and Australia in the southern hemisphere was a hot summer. The enthusiastic "Midsummer Christmas" in Australia not only has a tropical style of celebration, but also incorporates the classic elements of traditional European Christmas. Although people are outdoors facing the hot sun, the shop windows are carefully decorated with winter snow scenes, hanging The snow-filled Christmas tree and Santa Claus wearing red cotton jackets make people feel like they are in the middle of the northern winter. This constitutes a unique holiday scene in Australia --- the two days of ice and fire! This intense contrast between the scorching summer and the harsh winter scenes is probably unique in Western countries.

Merry Christmas

Being in the tropics, Australia's tropical fruits, seafood, cheese and wine also make Christmas dinners "unique." The Christmas BBQ party on Bonda Beach in Sydney, Australia is absolutely cozy and enjoyable. The enthusiastic Australians will grill a variety of live seafood for you on the spot, and also perform a variety of stylish and diverse methods, including coating with olive oil, hot pepper sauce, curry, etc.

Well, after watching the Christmas dinners in these countries, do you feel itchy and want to start preparing a large table to greet your friends for a party?

Merry Christmas

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