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What If CNC Lathe Is Used To Machine A Taper?

Nov 08, 2017

Turning Processes Definition of Machining: Machining is a process which employs cutting tool to remove extra material from stock Overview of Machining Processes -Turning -Milling -Grinding -Shaping Three Elements for Developing Machining Processes -What you are going to shape—Work-piece -What tool you are going to employ —Cutting Tool -What equipment is to be used —Machine Tool Turning ProcessThree Elements To be Considered: -Work-piece: Cylindrical or Conical Objects -Cutting Tool: Single Point Cutting Tool -Machine Tool: Lathe CNC Turning Machine or CNC CNC Turning Machine or CNC Lathe lathe The Feature of the CNC Lathe: -All Operations are done automatically -All Operations are controlled by numbers and symbols -Much higher accuracy than manually operated lathe in terms of finished part -…… Terminologies of Turning ProcessFor understanding any machining process it is very important to make sense of movement relationship between work-piece and cutting tool. Movements of Lathe The key step to understand a machine tool: -To make sense clearly of Relationship between work-piece and cutting tool. In other words, how many movements the machine tool possesses is subject to formation of the work-piece. Configuration of Lathe -Headstock -Lathe Bed -Tailstock -Carriage -Tool Post Tailstock Functions of Tailstock 1. Support long bar-like work-piece between chuck and center of tailstock 2.Hold cutting tool like drills and reamers Designed to be selflocked Key Carriage Carriage is to transmit both longitudinal and cross movement of cutting tool Pinion is small gear engaged with rack Tool Post vs Tool Library Turning Operation Turning a taper Basics of taper: Taper K=(D-D1) / L=2tga Taper included angle: 2a K is donated by m::n, like 7:24 To machine a taper : -Calculate the topslide angle based on the formula shown. -Fix the topslide in a calculated angle by clamping handle.