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Nov 07, 2017

A tool head for use in machine tools includes a base body, a tool shank adapted to be coupled to a machine spindle and protruding axially over the base body, at least one working slide adapted to be displaced essentially transversely with respect to a base body axis, and an adjusting motor disposed in the base body and acting upon the working slide in the direction of displacement by a transmission. In order to attain a compact, easily assembled, and safely operating construction, the transmission includes an output shaft aligned coaxially with respect to the axis of the base body and carrying a drive sprocket which meshes with a tooth rack on the side of the working slide. The adjusting motor also includes a driven shaft aligned with the output shaft on the transmission side. To ease assembly, the tool head is constructed of three assemblies adapted to be removably connected to each other at axial separation locations, a slide assembly which includes the working slide, a drive assembly which includes the adjusting motor and the transmission, and a connecting assembly which includes the tool shank and the power supply device.