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How To Make CNC Program?

Oct 11, 2017

Although there are multiple CNC machine controls in use in cnc machine workshops like Fanuc, Haas

CNC, Siemens Sinumerik etc.

But for beginner level cnc machinists it is better to understand and start learning a cnc machine controls

which is most widely used and understood, and almost every other cnc control has some similarities with

such cnc controls.

So Fanuc CNC controls has all such properties.

Very simple to program, learn and understand.

“How to Make CNC Program – CNC Machining for Beginners Series” is one of the articles for beginner

level cnc machinists who just started to learn and understand cnc programming / cnc machining.

More such articles and tutorials will be added in future.

HelmanCNC.com has many such tutorials and program examples.

How to make CNC program is not a job with you can learn in one or two days. To completely understand

the working of G-codes and tool paths will take some time.

Patience and Practice is the key to better understand and learn how to make cnc program.

Here is an article chosen for cnc programmers/machinists who just started their journey of CNC


Very easy to understand article, which tells how a cnc program can be made for cnc lathe machines.