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Sep 23, 2016

Tools, technique and equipment: a general term for the various tools used in the manufacturing process. 

Included tools/jigs/mold/gauge/Gage/auxiliary/locksmith Tools/workstation. Tooling for its common abbreviation.

Tools are divided into special tooling tooling/standard/universal tool (similar to standard parts).

Fixtures: as the name suggests, for clamping the workpiece (or boot tool) of the device.

Stencil: a device used to qualify the object's shape and size.

Tools: machine tools generally used for cutting metal materials used in the manufacture, the "tool" was generally understood as metal-cutting tools.

Assistive devices: generally refers to connect the tool and machine tools.

Locksmith tools: a variety of locksmith tools for the job together.

Workstation: used to work or warehouse store objects or tools of production devices.

Gauge: in the production of the equipment for the test.

Fixtures: manufacturing apparatus, fixture of the Word sometimes synonymous with tooling, sometimes also refers to the fixture, General Taiwan/Han Zi/Japanese electronics companies use the term.

Fixtures belong to the tooling, tooling included fixture, which belongs to the affiliation.