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Diagnosis Method Of NC Machine Tools

Sep 23, 2016

1, intuition

Using sensory organs, pay attention to phenomena in the failure, if you have no spark, light failure, there are no abnormal noise, where the abnormal heat and no charred taste. Careful observation may be down each of the printed circuit board surface condition, there is no trace of burning and damage to further narrow the range check, it is one of the most basic and most commonly used method.

2, self diagnosis functions of CNC system

Rely on CNC system's ability to quickly process data, error location multiplex, fast signal acquisition and processing, logical analysis and judgment and diagnostic procedures in order to determine whether the system is faulty, to locate the failure in a timely manner. Modern CNC system self-diagnostic function can be divided into the following two categories:

1) power-on self diagnosis post diagnosis is measured from the start of each power up to enter the normal operating state, System internal diagnostics are performed automatically for CPU, memory, bus, I/O modules and module, printed circuit boards, the CRT Unit, optical readers and devices such as floppy disk drive before running functional tests, confirming the system hardware is working correctly.

2) when a fault failure message when running, on a CRT display will show numbers and content. When prompted, check out the repair manual, confirm the causes of faults and troubleshooting. In General, the failure diagnosis of NC machine tool tip information, the richer the more convenience to fault diagnosis. But note that is, according to Handbook of tips and check out some failures can be directly confirmed the cause; and some of the real cause of the failure and fault does not match the content, or an error indicating there is more than one cause of the malfunction, which requires maintenance personnel must find out the relationship between them, indirectly confirm the cause of the failure.