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Compared To Conventional Machine Tools And CNC Machine Tool, Has The Following Characteristics

Sep 23, 2016

1, has a highly flexible

CNC machined parts, depending on the program, it differs from the common machine tools do not

Manufactured to replace a lot of mold and tool, no need to frequently adjust the machine. Therefore, frequent replacement of parts of NC machine suitable for the occasion, that is suitable for single and small batch production and the development of new products, so as to shorten the production cycle, saving a lot of equipment costs.

2, high precision

Machining accuracy of NC machine tools can reach 0.05-0.1MM, is based on the digital signal control of NC machine tools, CNC device per output a pulse signal, the moving parts of machine tools move a pulse equivalent (generally 0.001MM), and machine tool feed drive chain backlash and screw pitch error can be compensated by the NC March and, therefore, high positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools.

3, the quality is stable and reliable

Processing the same part in the same machine, under the same conditions, using the same tools and processes, exactly the same tool passes path, part of good consistency, quality and stability.