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Can Machines Replace Humans?

Sep 13, 2017

YES, thinking machines will replace most if not all human workers.

It is has been happening for decades, it is accelerating and it will complete within 100 - 200 years.

Perhaps 75% of the jobs will be gone in 50 years.

No existing or future job without exception is safe simply because computers are general purpose thinking machine smarter, less error prone and more creative than humans in the long run.

Robots / computer assisted humans produce goods and services cheaper / more efficiently than humans alone.  In a capitalist system robots will win as the companies using technology will dominate in the marketplace as only the most profitable companies survive and grow.  The world's capital is flowing towards automation and away from investing in human labor simply because automation has a better ROI.  This is the tipping point economically speaking.  The point of no return.

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