Custom Stainless Steel Sand Casting Metal Fabrication

Custom Stainless Steel Sand Casting Metal Fabrication
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Product Description

CNC machining center various parts of the concrete can be processed, what does? This is a widespread problem, which involves a lot of industries, and our lives are closely related, such as our phone some parts need to CNC machining, as it is now popular Android phones this year is that most of the housing CNC machining is out.
Here's a brief introduction to some of you are familiar with CNC machining related to the industry
1.IT/ Electronics
2. Fiber Communication
3. Medical equipment
4. Aerospace / Aviation
5. Auto Parts

Title: steel casting
Feature: high precision casting, CNC milling after casting to ensure high tolerance requirement
Details as following,

Relevant Description


Aluminum, Zinc Aluminum, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Ductile Iron, Grey Iron, and customized material from clients.

Material Grade



Sand Casting, ESR casting, Die Casting, Investment casting


0.1kg- 200kg


CT 7-12 grade, and based on the custom drawings

Drawing (files) format

Igs, Stp, X-T PDF, Jepg, Jpg

Capabilities of Production

Aluminum: More than 800 Mt per month.

Stainless Steel: More than 50 Mt per month.

Surface Treatment

Anodize/Zinc Plating/ Nickel Plating, Tinting/ Polishing/Blacking, etc


Depends on the items, please contact us for details

Heat Treatment

Quenching, Normalizing, Annealing, Plating,Carburizing


Automotive, Agricultural Machines, vessels, Tooling, Mining, Oil & gas industry, Locomotive industry, Aerospace, Hardware, Construction, Engineering Machine, Electrical Equipment, etc

Machining Equipment

Threading, Turning, Milling, Grinding, CNC/NC, Boring, Test facilities

Measuring Tools

Gauge, Thread gauge, Height Gauge, Vernier caliper, Depth caliper, Micrometer, CMM, etc

QC System

Fully inspection before Delivery

Available Service






Tooling lead-time

15-25 working days

Production lead-time

15 working days, based on the quantity of demand

Application of Our Goods

  • Alternative Energy Castings

  • Automobile and Truck Parts

  • Bridge Parts

  • Cable Cars

  • Construction Equipment

  • Drilling Rig Parts

  • Earthquake Reinforcement Castings

  • Fruit Harvesting Equipment

  • Military Castings

  • Mining Parts and Tools

  • Natural Gas Valves and Meters

  • Offshore Safety Equipment

  • Oil & Gas Steel Castings

  • Railroad Equipment

  • School Bus Parts

  • Ship & Marine Parts

  • Shipping Container Connectors

  • Ski Lifts

  • Tool and Tool Parts

  • Trucking

  • Water System Valves

Packaging & Shipping

Company Information

Xiamen Xinchuanghui Industry & Trade Co., LTD (C&H)


1. What Metals are you able to cast ?


Ferrous Metals:

· Cast Iron

· Gray Iron

· Ductile Iron

· Cast Steel

Non-ferrous Metals:

· Cast Aluminum  

· Copper

· Zinc

· brass

2. Do you Price By Weight ?

All Pricing is determined using Materials, Labor, and complexity as the main factors.


3. Why us ?

More than 15 years experiences in such industry, and the quality is always guaranteed, as all of our clients concerned, the price that we offered, extremely competitive, and with professional engineers as well. WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITIES OF WORK FOR OUR CLIENTS

XINCHUANGHUI, one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers with over 15 years' experience, now brings you high quality custom stainless steel sand casting metal fabrication at competitive price. With many products in stock in our factory, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale discount products at low price with us, and customized orders are also welcomed.