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What is the relationship between cutting fluid and rust on machining guides?

Mar 23, 2020

Turning fluid is often used in machining, and the turning fluid is also rust-proof. So why do rust marks often appear on production equipment CNC lathes, workbenches and guides of machining centers? Is it related to the cutting fluid? What's the relationship?

Let's first understand what causes the rails to rust?

1. The four basic functions of cutting fluid are rust-proof. If the rust-proof is not enough, the guide rail may rust.

2. If the rust prevention performance is sufficient, we will rule out the problem of cutting fluid. We must consider the problem of the guide rail oil itself. The guide rail oil is usually composed of base oil mineral oil and some sulfur and phosphorus antiwear agents. Part of the oil-water mixture, that is, oil sludge, comes into contact with the rail oil during the cycle. Oil is lighter than water, and oil absorbs most of the alkali and rust-preventive components in the cutting fluid, plus the effect of water makes the guide rail very easy to be oxidized and rusted. Anti-wear agents such as sulfur and phosphorus in the rail oil are hydrolyzed under the action of water, the main component of the cutting fluid. Sulfur, phosphorus and other components are severely corrosive to steel parts, which will cause the rails to rust.

We analyzed the reasons for the rust of the guide rails. If it is a cutting fluid problem, we must replace the cutting fluid with strong rust resistance. If it is not a cutting fluid problem, we will consider whether to replace the guide rail oil.

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