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Welding processes

Sep 23, 2016

Laser welding processing high precision and production speed, good surface finish, elegant shape. So they are more used to the glasses, hardware electronics, jewelry, kitchen bathroom, precision welding industry.

Its processing process is will has excellent of directional, and high brightness, and high strength, and high monochrome sex, and Gao Xianggan sex, features of laser beam radiation to processing artifacts surface regional within, laser beam after optical system focused Hou, its laser focus of power density for 104-107W/cm2, through laser and was welding real of mutual role, in very short of time within makes was welding at formed a can height concentrated of heat district, heat makes was welding real regional melting Hou cooling Crystal formed firm of welding points and weld.

According to the different lasers and how they work, commonly used welding in two ways, one is pulsed laser welding, continuous and book material is mainly used for single-point fixing welding, welding with a rounded spot; another for continuous laser welding, mainly used for welding and cutting of large thick, formed a continuous weld a welding process.

During the welding process, the beam focus position is one of the most critical control parameter, some laser power and welding speed, only within the focus is in the best position to get maximum penetration and good welding shape.

Laser welding process have the following advantages: 1) has a very high power density of the laser beam, resulting in high welding speed, small deformation, welding of difficult to weld materials such as titanium, quartz, 2) beam is easy to transport and control, without replacing the torches, nozzles, reduces downtime and improves production efficiency. 3) fast cooling, high weld strength, good overall performance.