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Welding machine

Sep 23, 2016

Using the leader of high power optical fiber transmission technology, the device is close to the international level of similar products can be divided into light multi-station machining selected Germany imported fibre, with stable energy, fiber loss, the advantages of processing depth to diameter ratio and can be equipped with Robotics, realization of special welding and production.

Welding is the use of fusible alloy (solder) to join metallic parts of the process. Solder the lower melting point than the material to be welded, so that part will not melt in the case, through the end of the molecules on the surface of contact welding.

Welding can be divided into soft and hard welding, soldering temperature lower than 450 ℃, hard soldering more than 450 ℃. Hard soldering is typically used for silver, gold, steel, copper and other metals, welding points than soft soldering is much stronger, 20-30 of shear strength for soft soldering times. Two hot joints usually use the term welding, because in both of the examples are written as the molten solder to both devices clean and close to the solid metal surface thin slot.