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Technology of mechanical parts

Sep 23, 2016

When designing the mechanical parts, not only to meet your requirements, that is, have the required ability to work, and should also meet the requirements, or they may not be made out, or are able to manufacture but work is not economic. Under the specific conditions of production, such as the design of mechanical parts for machining and processing costs are low, this part is referred to as having good technology. Relating to technology are the basic requirements:

(1) the reasonable choice of blank blank preparation method in mechanical manufacture are: direct use of profiles, casting, forging, stamping, and welding. Stock selection and the specific technical conditions of production usually depends on the production volume, material properties and manufacturing possibilities.

(2) when the shape is simple and reasonable structure design the structure, police good using the simplest of surfaces (such as planar, cylindrical, helical) and their combination, but should also try to minimize the number of surface and processing area.

(3) providing appropriate manufacturing accuracy and surface roughness of machining costs with increased accuracy, especially in the case of high precision, this increase is significant. Therefore, when there is no sufficient basis, should not be the pursuit of high precision. Similarly, parts of the surface roughness should be according to the mating surface of the actual need, appropriate provisions are made.

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