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Selection principle of machining milling cutter

May 12, 2020

When choosing a milling cutter, pay attention to the cutter body and tool holder:

Whether the milling cutter is used on a CNC machining center or an ordinary milling machine.

The material and hardness of the milling cutter. Milling cutter specifications, such as: blade length, full length, blade diameter, shank diameter, etc.

If it is used on a CNC machining center, it should be selected from solid carbide, and white steel can be used on ordinary milling machines.

White steel milling cutters are softer than carbide milling cutters. High-speed steel cutters are cheap and have good toughness, but the strength is not high, it is easy to make the knife, and the wear resistance and thermal hardness are relatively poor. The thermal hardness of the high-speed steel milling cutter is about 600 degrees, and the hardness is about 65HRC. Obviously when using white steel milling In the case of hard materials, it is easy to burn the knife if the coolant is not in place. This is one of the reasons why the thermal rigidity is not high.

Cemented carbide milling cutters have good thermal rigidity and wear resistance, but poor impact resistance. If you drop the blade, it will break. Carbide is a material made by powder metallurgy. The hardness can reach about 90HRA. The thermal properties can be Up to about 900-1000 degrees. Therefore, white steel is suitable for ordinary milling machines, and alloy milling cutters are used for CNC machining centers.

Selection of milling cutter diameter

The choice of milling cutter diameter varies greatly depending on the product and production batch. The choice of cutter diameter mainly depends on the specifications of the equipment and the processing size of the workpiece.

①Face milling cutter. When selecting the diameter of the plane milling cutter, the power of the cutter should be considered within the power range of the machine tool, and the diameter of the spindle of the machine tool can also be used as the basis for selection. The diameter of the face milling cutter can be selected according to D = 1.5d (d is the diameter of the main shaft). In mass production, the tool diameter can also be selected according to 1.6 times the cutting width of the workpiece.

②End mill. The choice of the diameter of the end mill should mainly consider the requirements of the processing size of the workpiece, and ensure that the power required by the tool is within the rated power range of the machine tool. If it is a small-diameter end mill, the main consideration should be whether the maximum number of revolutions of the machine can reach the minimum cutting speed of the tool (60m / min).

③Slot milling cutter. The diameter and width of the groove milling cutter should be selected according to the size of the workpiece to be processed, and the cutting power should be within the power range allowed by the machine tool.

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