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Polishing Technology for Machining with Pressure Tapping

Apr 07, 2020

The polishing technology of the so-called pressure hole machine is also called mirror surface processing. It is a plane processing technology for manufacturing a flat surface of the pressure hole machine with a small processing deformation layer and no scratches. This type of polishing technology not only makes the surface of the workpiece beautiful, but also changes the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other special properties of the material surface.

The surface polishing process of the pressure hole drilling equipment is different from the polishing process of other parts such as drill rods, and there is no significant metal loss: the polishing wheel of the polishing machine rotates at high speed, and the friction between the workpiece and the polishing wheel generates high temperature, which causes the belt to open The plasticity of the surface of the hole machine is improved. Under the action of the polishing force, the surface is plastically deformed, that is, the convex part is pressed into and flows; the concave part is filled, so that the uneven surface is improved by the mirror surface .

Commonly used polishing methods are as follows:

1. Mechanical polishing. Mechanical polishing is a polishing method that obtains a smooth surface by cutting, plastic deformation of the material surface, and removing the polished convex parts. Generally, whetstone strips, wool wheels, and sandpaper are used; of which super fine grinding can achieve the roughness effect of Ra0.008. The method with a relatively low roughness value among various methods.

2. Chemical polishing. Chemical polishing refers to dissolving the protruding part of the surface of the pressure-opening machine in the chemical medium before the concave part, so as to obtain a smooth surface. The advantage of this method is that it does not require complicated equipment and can polish special-shaped parts with high efficiency, but the core problem is the configuration of the polishing liquid. Generally, the effect of achieving Ra10 is also very harmful to the environment. This method is not adopted.

3. Electrolytic polishing: The basic principle is the same as chemical polishing. The polished surface is used as the anode, and the insoluble metal is used as the cathode. The two electrodes are immersed in the electrolytic cell at the same time, and a selective anode dissolution is generated by direct ionization reaction. So as to achieve the effect of removing fine burrs on the surface of the workpiece and increasing the brightness. The surface roughness that can be achieved by electrolytic polishing is related to the original surface roughness, which can generally be improved by two levels. Electrolytic polishing is mainly used for metal products and parts with small surface roughness. Ra can be less than 1.

4. Ultrasonic polishing. Ultrasound is an elastic wave with a frequency exceeding 20kHz. It has a short wavelength and a high frequency, and has strong beam performance, which makes the energy highly concentrated. Ultrasonic polishing is a polishing method that uses ultrasonic waves as a motive force to push fine abrasive particles to impact the surface of a pressure-opening machine at a very high speed, forcing the abrasive to process the surface to be processed, thereby reducing its surface roughness.

5. Fluid polishing. It uses high-speed flowing liquid to carry abrasive particles and wash the surface of the pressure-opening machine, which greatly improves the purpose of the mirror surface. Common methods include abrasive jet processing, liquid jet processing, and hydrodynamic grinding.

In fact, the polishing of the equipment can become mirror polishing, which not only has strict requirements on the surface finish of the workpiece, but also has high requirements on the accuracy and tolerance of the workpiece. Surface polishing generally only requires obtaining a smooth surface; electrolytic polishing, fluid Polishing is generally difficult to accurately control the accuracy of the workpiece, so the pressure hole machine needs to use mechanical polishing to obtain a higher precision effect.

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