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Milling machine safety rules

Sep 23, 2016

1. Loading and unloading of workpieces must be removed tool, cutting head, near mill in noodles.

2. When you use the joint milling machine tool, must be slow or hand crank into, not allowed to fast forward, a knife, no parking.

3. Whether a quick lead when joint milling machine handle will hit.

4. Feed not too fast, not suddenly shift, joint milling machine limit stop should be adjusted.

5. Tool, fastening and measure, adjust speed, you must stop joint milling machine.

6. Disassembly endmill, table mat board, split flat milling cutter plate nut, not too hard.

7. No touch or wipe with cotton rotating parts and tools, prohibit the use of a hand to hold the cutter.

8. Under normal circumstances, a Chuck clamping a workpiece at a time. As a Chuck caught more than one workpiece at a time, even if the clip tight, coarse feed when loading very large, between two workpieces which are easy to slide and cause the workpiece to fly out, broken knife, wounding incident.