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Milling cutters according to purpose, there are several commonly used type

Sep 23, 2016

① cylindrical milling cutter: for the machining of flat surfaces on the horizontal milling machine. Knife located in cutter circle, tooth profile spur and helical gear divided into two. Coarse tooth and fine tooth tooth number two. Small number of helical gear milling cutter with coarse teeth, teeth the intensity is high, chip space, suitable for roughing and milling cutter with fine teeth suitable for finish machining.

② face milling cutter: for vertical milling machine, milling machine or on a gantry milling machines, machining of flat surfaces, end and circle cutters, coarse tooth and fine tooth points. Its structure with integral, tipped and indexable-3.

③ end milling cutter: for machining grooves and level surface, cutters in the circumferential and end face, cannot feed along an axis. When the milling cutter through the center of the Crown are on may be axial feed (usually double-flute end mill cutter called "keyway cutter" axial feed).

Black side and face milling cutters: used in a variety of grooves and level surface, its teeth on both sides and circular.

⑤ angle milling cutter: for milling of angled grooves, there are both single and double angle milling cutter.

⑥ saw milling cutter: workpiece for machining grooves and cutting, have more teeth on its circumference. In order to reduce the friction of milling, tool auxiliary angle 15'~1 ° on both sides. In addition, keyway milling cutters dovetail milling cutter with t-slot milling and form milling cutter.