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Machining Process Considerations

Mar 26, 2020

Prevention of vibration during machining

Eliminate or reduce the conditions that produce machining vibration; improve the dynamic characteristics of the process system; improve the stability of the process system; use various vibration damping devices


Briefly describe the main differences and applications of mechanical process cards, process cards, and process cards.

Process card: single-piece small batch production using common processing methods Mechanical process card: Medium batch production Process card: Large batch production type requires strict and detailed organization

What are the principles of process order?

1. First process the datum plane, then the other surfaces;

2. In half of the cases, first process the surface and then process the hole;

3. First process the main surface and then the second surface;

4. Arrange rough processing first, then finish processing


How to divide the processing stages? What are the benefits of dividing processing stages?

 Division of processing stages:

1. Roughing stage, semi-finishing stage, finishing stage, and precision finishing stage can ensure sufficient time to eliminate thermal deformation and eliminate residual stress caused by roughing, so as to improve the accuracy of subsequent processing. In addition, when the rough is found to be defective in the roughing stage, it is not necessary to perform the processing in the next machining stage to avoid waste. In addition, the equipment can be used reasonably. Low-precision machine tools are used for rough machining and precision machine tools are specifically used for precision machining to maintain the precision level of precision machine tools. Reasonable arrangements of human resources and high-tech workers specialize in precision ultra-precision machining. Product quality is very important for improving the technology level.


What are the ways to improve productivity

1. Shorten the basic time; 2. Reduce the overlap of the auxiliary time and the basic time; 3. Reduce the time to arrange the work site; 4. Reduce the preparation and termination time


What are the main contents of the assembly process specification?

1. Analyze product drawings, divide assembly units, and determine assembly methods;

2. Draw up the assembly sequence and divide the assembly process;

3. Calculate the assembly time quota;

4. Determine the assembly technical requirements, quality inspection methods and inspection tools for each process;

5. Determine the transportation method of the assembly parts and the equipment and tools required;

6. Select and design the tools, fixtures and special equipment required during the assembly process


What does assembly accuracy generally include?

1. mutual position accuracy; 2. mutual motion accuracy; 3. mutual cooperation accuracy


What is the composition and function of the machine tool fixture?

The machine tool fixture is a device for clamping a workpiece on a machine tool. Its role is to make the workpiece have a correct position relative to the machine tool and the tool. And maintain this position unchanged during processing. The components are:

1.Positioning element or device.

2.Tool guide element or device.

3.Clamping element or device.

4. Coupling element

5. Clip specific

6.Other components or devices ..

Main functions 1. Guarantee processing quality 2. Improve production efficiency 3. Expand machine tool process scope 4. Reduce worker labor intensity and ensure production safety.


How to classify the machine tool according to the scope of use of the tool?

1. Universal fixture 2. Dedicated fixture 3. Adjustable fixture and group fixture 4. Combination fixture and random fixture


The workpiece is positioned in a plane. What are the commonly used positioning elements? And analyze the elimination of freedom.

The workpiece is positioned in a plane. Common positioning elements are 1. fixed support 2. adjustable support 3. self-support 4. auxiliary support


The workpiece is positioned with a cylindrical hole. What are the common positioning components? And analyze the elimination of freedom.

The workpiece is positioned with a cylindrical hole. Common positioning elements are 1 mandrel 2. positioning pin


Basic requirements for the design of workpiece clamping devices.

1.The correct position obtained when the workpiece is positioned should be maintained during the clamping process.

2. The clamping force is appropriate. The clamping mechanism should be able to ensure that the workpiece does not loosen or vibrate during the machining process, and at the same time, to avoid inappropriate deformation and surface damage of the workpiece, the clamping mechanism should generally have a self-locking effect.

3. The clamping device should be easy to operate, labor-saving and safe.

4. The complexity and automation of the clamping device should be compatible with the production batch and production mode. Structural design should be simple, compact and try to use standardized components


What are the commonly used clamping mechanisms? Focus on analyzing and mastering the wedge clamping mechanism.

1.Oblique wedge clamping structure

2.Screw clamping structure

3.Eccentric clamping structure

4.Hinge clamping structure

5.Centering clamping structure

6, linkage clamping structure


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