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Sep 23, 2016

Lathe is the main tool of machine tool for turning the rotating workpiece. On the lathe or drill, counterbore drill, reamer, tap, die and knurling tools for appropriate processing.


Main components are: spindle box, change gear box, feed box, apron, turret, tailstock, light bars, screw, bed, beds, and cooling devices.

Headstock: also known as the headstock, its main task is the main motor of rotary motion through a series of speed coming from the spindle get the pros and cons of the different kinds of steering speed and spindle box separated part to transmit motion feed box. Headstock spindle is the key part of the lathe. Spindle bearing work directly affects the stability of workpiece machining quality, once the spindle rotation accuracy is reduced, the use value of the machine is reduced.

Feed box: also known as tool boxes, feed box feed movement of the speed, adjust their speed, can have access to the feed, or pitch, through light bars or screws will transmit the movement to the knife for cutting.

Screw with light bars: used to connect the feed box and apron, and kinematic and dynamic feed box on to the apron, apron access vertical linear motion. Provided for the various threads of screw is used to turning, in the other surface of the workpiece while turning, light bar only without screws. Students in conjunction with the apron distinguish light bars and screw the differences.