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How to learn cnc machining

Oct 17, 2019

CNC machine tool set drilling, milling, boring, reaming, tapping and other procedures in one.The technical quality of the process personnel is highly required.Numerical control program is to use computer language to reflect the process of processing technology.Craft is the foundation of programming.If you don't know the craft, you can never say you can program.

In fact, when we choose the mechanical cutting this profession, it means that the early days of the industry is hard, dry rough.The basic knowledge learned in college is pitiful in the factory.The engineer of machining is, to some extent, an experienced engineer.Therefore, a lot of time must be with the workers together, dry lathe, milling machine, grinder, processing center, etc.Then in the office process, estimate material consumption, calculate quota.You must be familiar with the performance of various machine tools and the skill level of workshop masters.So after 2-3 years of training, you can basically become a qualified craft personnel.From my personal experience, I suggest that young college students who have just started working must be open-minded to learn from the workers' masters. Once they can pass on their decades of experience to you, you can avoid many detours.Because these experience books can not learn, the choice of process is a comprehensive consideration of equipment and technical ability of the choice of personnel.It is impossible to become a good technologist without the support and trust of employees.After such a long time of learning and accumulation, you should meet the following technical standards and requirements:

1, familiar with drilling, milling, boring, grinding, planer structure, process characteristics,

2. Familiar with the properties of processed materials.

3, solid knowledge of the theoretical basis of the tool, master the tool of conventional cutting parameters.

4, familiar with the enterprise's process specifications, guidelines and various processes to achieve the general requirements of processing, conventional parts process route.Reasonable material consumption and time quota.

5, collect a certain amount of tools, machine tools, mechanical standard information.Be especially familiar with the tool system of nc machine tool.

6. Familiar with the selection and maintenance of coolant.

7. Common sense understanding of relevant jobs.Such as: casting, electrical processing, heat treatment and so on.

8. Good fixture foundation.

9. Understand the assembly requirements and use requirements of processed parts.

10. Have a good measurement technology foundation.

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