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High Manganese Steel Casting Crusher Parts

Jan 18, 2017

High Manganese Steel Casting Crusher Parts

Basic Info

  • Standard: AISI, ASME, BS, ANSI, JIS, GB

  • Manufacturing Process: Casting

  • Size: Customizable

  • Transport Package: Strip

  • Origin:Xiamen

  • Certification: SGS, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008

  • Surface Treatment: Sand Blast

  • Material: Cast Steel

  • Specification: HYP

  • HS Code: 84742090

Product Description
bowl liner:we have improved the conventional design of the part to enhance durability and performance. The cone, mantle, liners are made of high manganese steel, together with our special technological process, the durability is 30-50% higher than normal ones.Whether you need to replace the mainframe liners, cone, mantle, in most cases, we have the parts and ready for immediate shipment.

We supplies a full line of manganese steel castings for all types and manufactures of crushers.From the early designed machines through today's most modern high speed machines and from your lagest gyratory to your smallest cone crusher.We can meet most of your wear parts needs,we offer the industry standard designs as well as many specialized designs to maximize liner life.Along with our standard 12% - 14% manganese specification,we offer an 18% grade and our premium grade,which is a 21% high manganese steel.

Product Description
Broken wall is one of the main components of the cone crusher, and called dynamic cone, is fixed to the conical body with a conical head. Cone crusher broken wall with new forged composite material with superior wear resistance, high cost, wide applications and so on. Cone crusher wall is tapered head is fixed on the body of the cone, epoxy cast between the two, after a new installation or replacement of the cone crusher new wall work six to eight hours, should examine their retention, should be immediately found loose tighten.

The bowl is broken wall and work together in the cone crusher is working on the main part of the material crushing, because it is stationary it is also called a fixed cone. Cone crusher at the time of operation of the crushing wall will do the trajectory, and the bowl of the distance away from the sometimes close sometimes, to squeeze the broken material, part of the material will be discharged from the open side of the discharge port. The bowl has a U-shaped screws on the adjustment ring, zinc alloy injected between the two, so closely integrated with the new installation or replacement of rolling acetabular wall when, after working for six to eight hours, should examine their retention, and again tighten the U-shaped screws.

1. bowl bearing the preparatory work before installation. A clear sump and debris within the hole; B Check dust ring and ring gear oil to damage or deformation of the presence or absence; C Check the machining of damage of the Department, any damage should be repaired immediately. 
2. The bowl-shaped bearing frame should cooperate closely with the base, and with the feeler level contact surface in close situations. 
3. Good bowl bearings installed, immediately cover the bowl-shaped tiles cover mounted crushing cone cover and then scored.
4. Install bowl bearing should be protected inlet, drainage channels, block oil ring, dust ring, so as not to break something when loaded.

Role copper sleeve cone crusher is from sliding bearings. It has been copper sets, built large gear assembly, generally wear small, the total gap is less than 5 mm are available. Great gear assembly middle of a cone brass sleeve, moving cone axis interpolation, the smaller gap of about 3 mm, under a larger gap of about 8 mm, can be measured with a thick fuse in the assembly, bowl-shaped copper tile wear and move Cone will affect the amount of wear of spherical space, moving cone of trajectory by decision.