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Features of CNC machining

Dec 13, 2019

1. CNC machiningis quite different from ordinary machining. Before machining by CNC machine tools, the operations and actions of workers that need to be performed when machining on general-purpose machine tools, such as the division and sequence of work steps, cutting paths, displacements, and cutting parameters, etc., must be compiled into machining programs in accordance with the prescribed digital form , Stored in the CNC system memory or disk. Processing programs are the medium through which people and machines are linked.cnc machining parts

During processing, the processing program on the control medium controls the movement of the machine tool and automatically processes the shape of the part we require.

2. Features of CNC machiningThere are many points in CNC machining, which are summarized as follows:

(1) High machining accuracy and stable machining quality. The mechanical transmission system and structure of CNC machine tools have high accuracy, stiffness and thermal stability. The machining accuracy of CNC machine tools is not affected by the complexity of parts. The quality is guaranteed by the machine tool, completely eliminating human error of the operator. Therefore, the CNC machine tool has high processing accuracy, and the processing error can generally be controlled within 0.005-0.01mm, and the same batch of parts have good size consistency and stable processing quality.(2) The machining efficiency is high, the CNC machine tool has good rigidity and high power. You can choose a large and reasonable cutting amount, which can complete the entire cutting process automatically and continuously, greatly reducing the excitement time. When machining parts on CNC machine tools, general fixtures are generally used, and the work such as scribing can be eliminated, which can greatly shorten the processing preparation time. The CNC machine tools have high positioning accuracy, which can save the intermediate inspection of parts during the machining process and reduce downtime inspection Time, so the production efficiency of CNC machine tools is high.

(3) Reducing labor intensity and improving labor conditions. Except for loading and unloading parts, operating the keyboard, and observing the operation of the machine tool, the operations of other machine tools are automatically and continuously performed in accordance with the requirements of the processing program. Repeat the manual operation. It can reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions.

(4) Strong adaptability and flexibility to parts. Because the CNC lathe can realize several coordinate linkages, the processing program can be changed according to the requirements of the parts, so it has strong adaptability and flexibility, and can be processed by ordinary machine tools. Complex shape parts.

(5) Conducive to the production management of CNC machine tools, can accurately calculate the processing hours of parts, and effectively simplify the management of knives, clamps, measuring tools and semi-finished products. The processing program is input by the standard code of digital information, which is beneficial to connect with the computer and constitute a production system controlled and managed by the computer. However, the cost of NC machining is high, and in mass production, there is a big gap between the production efficiency and the multi-station combination machine tool, and the technical requirements for the craftsman are high. From a technological point of view, NC machining has two very prominent features: one is that the content of NC machining is very specific; the other is that the technological work of NC machining is quite strict. As we all know, when using general-purpose machine tools, many specific process problems, such as the division and arrangement of steps in the process, the geometry of the tool, the path of the tool, and the amount of cutting, are largely based on the operator's basis. Those who have their own practical experience and habits to consider and decide on their own, generally do not need the craftsman to make multiple provisions in the design procedures. In numerical control processing, the above-mentioned specific process issues not only become issues that must be carefully 

considered in the design of numerical control processes, but also the correct choice must be made and incorporated into the processing program.

Although CNC machine tools have a high degree of automation, they have poor adaptability. It can't be compared with general machine tools. It can be adjusted freely according to the problems that occur in the process. Even if the CNC machine tools have been greatly improved in adaptive adjustment, the degree of freedom is not great. For example, when the CNC machine tool is tapping, it does not know whether the hole is full of chips, whether it needs to retract the knife, or clean the chips before processing. Therefore, in the process design of CNC machining, every detail in the machining process must be paid attention to. At the same time, when mathematically processing, calculating and compiling graphics, we must strive to be accurate.

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