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Discussion on Machining of Aluminum Alloy Electronic Cabin Parts②

Jan 15, 2020

Machining process plan and verification of aluminum alloy electronic cabin parts

Reset process

In order to obtain a reasonable and feasible process plan, a process technology test was carried out, and the process was reset based on the processing conditions of the process sample. The new process refines the process division, and the specific process flow 

Because the cabin is a thin-walled, fan-shaped, asymmetric structure, the stress is redistributed after the process table is removed, causing deformation and unstable dimensions. Adding a milling link before finishing milling can greatly reduce the stress and deformation during finishing after the machining stress is completely released, so as to avoid oversize. The support structure is similar to the cabin body, and the idea of process setting is the same. A total of 10 products of cabins and brackets were processed using the reset process.

Implementation effect: The qualified workpiece size qualified rate of each component processed by the optimized process can reach 100%.


Adjust cutting amount

For materials such as aluminum alloy, the commonly used cutting speed is high and suitable for high-speed cutting, but the melting point of aluminum alloy is lower, and the plasticity increases when the temperature increases. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the cutting interface has high friction and is easy to bond It is difficult to obtain good surface roughness by cutting particles. In order to obtain the ideal workpiece surface, the combination of rough cutting and fine cutting should be used as much as possible, and reasonable cutting parameters should be explored at the same time. Through repeated on-site milling adjustments, a reasonable amount of cutting was determined.


Technical Discussion

Relationship between the shape of aluminum alloy electronic cabin parts and processing stress release

The relationship between the shape and structure of the product and the setting of the process route, the division of rough and fine processing, and the concentration and dispersion of the process are more obvious in this product of the electronic cabin. During the activity, during the process test of the aluminum alloy electronic cabin structural parts, it was found that the product's external structure has a certain correlation with the stress release of rough machining, and it is too late to study in depth due to the time relationship. The process has higher guiding significance. At present, it is only found that the shape of the electronic structure of the fan-shaped structure after the stress is released has the following two tendencies:

1) The local reduction of the external deformation of the cabin is easy to exceed the tolerance range;

2) The larger the internal shape angle is, it is easy to cause assembly interference. Therefore, the next step is to carry out a process correlation study on the release of processing stress based on the product's external structure.


Discussion on various processing methods of aluminum alloy electronic cabin parts

The purpose of the processing method of this kind of parts described in this article is to introduce new ideas. I hope readers in the industry can learn from them and promote mutual technical exchanges. Lathes and machining centers are widely used in mechanical processing enterprises, and their production conditions and technical levels are different. The solution to the problem of processing such parts is only one of many processing methods. I believe there is better processing Method, look forward to further exchanges in this regard.


Discussion on Assembly Simulation and Detection Methods of Electronic Cabin Parts

Most of these parts are assembled in pairs. Circuit boards are placed in the cavity. The position of the connection holes in each place is high. Conventional inspection methods cannot meet the requirements of quality control, especially the detection of angular dimensions. All data were obtained, and the measurement accuracy was less than expected. The coordinate measuring machine has the advantages of measuring the position of the assembly hole and the angle of the internal shape. Generally, it requires 2 inspectors to operate. The measurement time is long, and it is unrealistic to detect each part. The comprehensive check fixture can perform rapid assembly simulation on the main cooperating parts of the electronic cabin, which is easy to operate and practical, but cannot obtain specific inspection data. In most cases, only qualitative conclusions such as qualified or unqualified can be given according to the acceptance specifications. Now a portable coordinate measuring machine has been developed on the market, and one person can operate to obtain inspection data. If conditions permit, you can consider introducing such testing equipment. In most cases, a combination of common gages, comprehensive gages and three-dimensional measurement is used. The first piece uses a three-dimensional measuring machine and common gages to obtain quantitative inspection data, and subsequent sampling inspections. The remaining pieces are quality-controlled using a comprehensive gage. Just fine. The electronic machining process is unstable, and its quality control plays an important role. Enterprises should pay more attention here.


The above-mentioned mechanical processing technology scheme for the processing problems of aluminum alloy electronic cabin parts can guarantee the processing accuracy of the product. From the perspective of discussion and exchange, in actual production, appropriate processing methods can be formulated according to the processing conditions of the enterprise itself, which has certain reference value for the processing of parts of the same structure and the same material.

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