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Discussion on CNC Machine Processing Technology for Mechanical Thread Parts

Jan 08, 2020

Accuracy is the most important data in the manufacturing process of mechanical threaded parts. Higher accuracy can increase the service life of various types of machinery to a certain extent. It can also ensure the quality and safety of products and increase the core of the product in the market. Competitiveness promotes the rapid development of processing technology for CNC machine equipment. Advanced CNC machine tool processing technology can improve the accuracy and accuracy of mechanical thread parts. Relevant staff should pay attention to the research and analysis of CNC machine processing technology, optimize the machining technology, and improve the quality and efficiency of CNC machine processing.

1. Contents of CNC machine processing technology

During CNC machining, a complete control system is used to send relevant instructions to the tool. The tool can be cut and processed according to requirements. In order to process the workpiece into a specified size and shape, the CNC machining system needs to issue numerical and letter instructions to the tool. In order to carry out the subsequent processing technology. CNC machine mainly machining parts, and the CNC system can send control instructions through the computer to instruct the CNC machine to complete the corresponding movements and auxiliary actions. Generally, the programmer must first understand the material, machining requirements, CNC language, NC symbols, machine tool features and other information of the workpiece, and then compile the main program of the CNC system. The complete CNC system can send many operating instructions to the waiting device and functions For parts, the CNC machine will not automatically process without instructions. After the instruction is completed, the CNC machine ends processing immediately. Commands such as start, stop, tool selection, tool replacement, spindle start, change, and rotation are all commands and actions that CNC machine can receive.

2. The main working principle of CNC machine tools processing machinery thread parts


In the processing of mechanical screw parts, the most commonly used is CNC machine processing technology. CNC machine processing technology can improve the accuracy and safety of mechanical screw parts, ensure that parts have higher quality, and improve the machining of screw parts. Efficiency promote the rapid development of parts machining industry. At present, internal threads, external threads, single-thread threads, multi-thread threads, variable-pitch threads, and fixed-pitch threads are the most common mechanical thread parts on the market. The traditional processing method is to cut and modify parts based on thread lines, but machining mainly uses turning technology, and the tools are driven by mechanical transmission to improve the quality of parts processing and greatly shorten the part machining time.


3. Simulation processing technology of CNC machine for mechanical thread parts

The simulation machining technology of CNC machine for mechanical thread parts mainly relies on advanced cnc technology to improve the intelligent process of parts, which can greatly improve the accuracy of parts and ensure the quality of parts. Workers should be proficient in drawing content of mechanical thread parts and send related instructions to the machining tools via the CNC system. The staff should pay attention to the grasp of the size of the parts, and write a program according to the intermediate value to ensure that the dimensions of the mechanical thread parts meet the requirements. In order to improve the accuracy of the part, it is necessary to scientifically measure the contour value of the part, draw an accurate contour curve, and improve the quality of the part. In the machininh of cnc, computer software needs to be used for automatic programming according to requirements, to improve the quality and efficiency of programming, and to reduce errors in writing programs. In the process of drawing the cutting path, it is necessary to design a scientific and reasonable path. The accurate cutting path can greatly improve the accuracy of mechanical threaded parts. The CNC link must strictly select the processing content, design the plan in advance, prepare the drawing, and carefully determine the cutting path according to the drawing content. It is also necessary to confirm the correct direction of the cutting path, and mark the cutting direction and path on the drawing at the same time to optimize the processing , Shortening the processing time. In addition, the numerical control system has certain limitations. When processing threaded parts, all factors must be considered to reduce the occurrence of errors and ensure the quality of mechanical threaded parts to the greatest extent.

4. The specific process of CNC machine pin processing for mechanical thread parts

Turning is an important step in the machining process of CNC machine for mechanical thread parts. We must attach great importance to the control of each link. The turning process has four points:

1) Draw a rough picture of the thread type parts, and calculate and statistics.

2) Design accessories for threaded parts based on relevant data.

3) During the cutting process, the tool must be fixed and the measures for risk protection must be prepared.

4) In the process of accurate turning, we pay attention to the moderate adjustment of the machine tool allowance for rapid cutting.


5.Important machining technology of CNC machine for mechanical thread parts

There are two main machining technologies of CNC machine tools for mechanical thread parts:

1) The size, size, and position of each part of the part are clarified through the centralized injection method, and marked clearly in the drawing so that the correct origin can be designed during programming. In the process of accurate turning, we pay attention to the moderate adjustment of the machine tool allowance for rapid cutting.

2) In the process of NC machining, the contour error of threaded parts generally does not appear. When drawing, strictly follow the relevant standards. Each part of the part should be parallel to each coordinate axis. The position of the inflection point needs to be accurately designed to avoid the right-angle machining Occurrence, improve the accuracy of part processing, promote the popularity and promotion of CNC machine processing technology, and improve the market competitiveness of parts machining enterprises.

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