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CNC Machining method

Apr 03, 2020


The workpiece rotates in the turning pin to form the main turning motion. When the tool moves along a parallel rotation axis, it forms an inner / outer cylindrical surface. The tool moves along an oblique line that intersects the axis to form a tapered surface. The profiling lathe or CNC lathe can control the tool to feed along a curve to form a specific rotating surface. With a profile turning tool, a rotating curved surface can also be machined during lateral feed. The turning pin can also process the thread surface / end plane and eccentric shaft. The machining accuracy of turning pins is generally IT8-IT7, when the surface roughness is 6.3-1.6μm, the precision of turning can reach IT6-IT5, and the roughness can reach 0.4-0.1μm. Simpler.


The main cutting motion is the rotation of the tool. In horizontal milling, the plane is formed by the cutting edge on the outer circular surface of the milling cutter. In vertical washing, the plane is formed by the face of the milling cutter. Increasing the speed of the milling cutter can achieve a higher cutting speed, so the productivity is higher. However, due to the cutting in / out of the milling cutter teeth, an impact is formed, and the cutting process is prone to vibration, which limits the improvement of the surface quality. This impact has also exacerbated the wear and damage of the tool, often leading to the breakage of the carbide blade. In the general time of cutting away from the workpiece, a certain amount of cooling can be obtained, so the heat dissipation conditions are better. According to the same or opposite direction of the main movement speed and the workpiece feed direction during milling, it is divided into down milling and up milling.


Down milling


The horizontal component of the milling force is the same as the feed direction of the workpiece. There is generally a gap between the feed screw of the workpiece table and the fixed nut. The horizontal component of the milling force is the same as the feed direction of the workpiece. The feed screw of the workpiece table There is generally a gap between the nut and the fixed nut, so the cutting force easily causes the workpiece and the table to move forward together, which suddenly increases the feed amount and causes a cutter. When milling workpieces with hard surfaces such as castings or forgings, the teeth of the down-milling cutter first contact the hard crust of the workpiece, which exacerbates the wear of the milling cutter.



Can avoid the phenomenon of turbulence during down milling. During down milling, the cutting thickness gradually increases from zero, so the cutting edge begins to experience a period of squeezing and sliding on the hardened processed surface, which accelerates the wear of the tool. At the same time, during up-milling, the milling force lifts up the workpiece and easily causes vibration, which is the disadvantage of up-milling.

The milling accuracy is generally up to IT8-IT7, and the surface roughness is 6.3-1.6μm.

Normal milling can only process planes, and fixed curved surfaces can also be machined with forming milling cutters. CNC milling machine can use software to control several axes to coordinate with a certain relationship through the CNC system to mill complex surfaces. At this time, ball-end milling cutters are generally used. CNC milling machines are of special significance for machining complex-shaped workpieces such as cores and cavities of blades / die of impeller machinery.

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