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CNC lathe

Sep 23, 2016

Machine tools are an important tool of human labor, is also an important indicator of the level of development of social productive forces. General machine tools after almost 200 years of history. As electronic technology, computer technology and automation, precision machinery and measuring technology development and synthetic application of electromechanical integration production the new one by one CNC machine tool. CNC machine tools were first used to show its unique advantages and strong vitality, which will not solve many of the problems and ways of finding a scientific solution. In the manufacturing industry in China, CNC machine tool is used more and more widely, is an embodiment of comprehensive strength of enterprises.

Is the abbreviation of digital controlled lathes of CNC lathes, set universal high precision lathes, machining precision lathe and machining of special characteristics of lathe with high efficiency in one, is the most commonly used, the most extensive coverage of a CNC machine tool.

To learn the theory and operation of CNC lathe, you must study hard, plane geometry, trigonometry, mechanical drawing, lathe technique and operation of the Foundation. Therefore, you must first have conventional lathe work process knowledge before it can be transferred from the master control digital control aspects, on the other hand, did not learn about mathematics, electrical engineering, tolerance and cooperation and deep content such as machinery manufacturing, to learn principles and procedures of CNC programming, it will be very difficult. Be familiar with process requirements, and correct process issues.

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