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Classification of NC

Sep 23, 2016

CNC lathes can be divided into two big categories of horizontal and vertical. Horizontal lathes and horizontal rail and tilt Rails in two ways. High grade CNC lathe is used for tilt Rails. Classification by turret number, can be divided into single-turret NC lathe with twin-turret NC lathe, which is controlled by two coordinates, which are 4-axis control. Most twin-turret lathe by inclined guide rails.

Lathes and CNC lathe is also used to process parts surfaces of revolution. Usually done automatically outside cylinders, cones, spheres, and thread machining, machining complex surfaces, such as hyperbolic. CNC lathes and lathe work piece the same way, in order to improve processing efficiency, CNC lathe Chuck with use of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric.

Lathes and CNC lathes shape is similar, that is, body, headstock, tool, system pressure feed system, cooling and lubrication system components. Lathe and CNC lathe feed drive system there is a qualitative difference, Conventional lathes with feed box and switching gears, servo motor for CNC Lathes are directly through the ball screw drive carriage and head to achieve feed movement, thus feeding system structure is greatly simplified.

CNC lathe variety, different specifications, can be classified as follows.

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