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Basic knowledge of machining

Jun 23, 2020

35. The workpiece is positioned with "one side and two pins". How to design two pins?

(1) Determine the size and tolerance of the center distance between the two pins

(2) Determine the diameter of the cylindrical pin and its tolerance

(3) Determine the width, diameter and tolerance of the diamond-shaped pin.


36. Which two aspects does the positioning error include? What are the methods for calculating positioning error?

Two aspects of positioning error:

(1) The positioning error caused by inaccurate positioning of the workpiece positioning surface or the positioning element on the fixture is called the reference position error 

(2) The positioning error caused by the mismatch between the process reference and the positioning reference of the workpiece is called the reference misalignment error


37. Basic requirements for the design of workpiece clamping devices

(1) During the clamping process, the correct position obtained when the workpiece is positioned should be maintained 

(2) The clamping force is appropriate, the clamping mechanism should be able to ensure that the workpiece does not loosen or vibrate during processing, and at the same time, it should avoid inappropriate deformation and surface damage of the workpiece. The clamping mechanism should generally have a self-locking effect

(3) The clamping device should be easy to operate, labor-saving and safe. 4. The complexity and automation of the clamping device should be compatible with the production batch and production method. Structural design should be simple, compact and use standardized components as much as possible

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