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Application of spiral milling in CNC milling

Feb 26, 2020

1. Analysis of spiral milling technology

In the spiral milling process, the cutter is one of the very important structural components. During the work, the cutter will continuously move along the spiral line of the cylindrical surface, and at the same time, the cutter will complete the corresponding cutting work along the prescribed orbital route. During the working process of the processing equipment, the cutter is in continuous cutting work. The end blade at the bottom of the equipment will rotate into a ring, project on the bottom surface of the cutting, and form a circle projection structure on the bottom surface of the spiral. In the actual processing operation, during the lowering process of spiral milling, different cutting independent variables will be generated with different angles around the tool. During the work, the tool will perform spiral milling along the trajectory. When the cutting depth exceeds the If the depth is set, the spiral milling will stop immediately.


2 Application of spiral milling

Contour milling

In the contour cutting work, the mechanical processing method used in the traditional situation mainly uses cutting tools to cut the processed components. The entire processing process is relatively inefficient, but in the process of using a milling cutter, the entire processing Relatively high efficiency. However, if the milling cutter cuts vertically during the cutting process, it will cause bad damage to the structural members during the entire cutting work, and even may not be able to be cut. Based on this problem, in order to effectively solve the problem of bad interference caused by the milling cutter during the lowering process, the CNC machining technology usually uses spiral milling to perform the entire cutting direction of the lower cutter along the direction of the lower cutter trajectory. To operate, in the process of machining the internal contour of the component, the programming system needs to be set along the contour of the interior toward the lower part of the spiral to ensure the accuracy of the entire milling cutter. This setting method can effectively improve the processing and cutting efficiency of the entire component, and at the same time, the service life of the processing tool is significantly extended. It is widely used in the current process of mechanical mold processing.


Thread processing

The spiral pattern processing method in the traditional form mainly uses a thread milling cutter in the actual work process to cut the components that need to be processed to ensure the processing accuracy of the entire component. In the process of processing, it is usually necessary to use the buckle thread structure. The entire operation process is relatively complicated. With the development of CNC machining technology, the three-axis linkage machine control method is used in the cutting work. The advanced thread processing method can ensure the treatment and work efficiency of the entire CNC machining. Compared with the traditional thread cutting processing method, the thread cutting processing method has a very high accuracy in terms of component processing accuracy, processing efficiency, and processing cost. Obvious advantages, at the same time in the actual processing process, will not be affected by the thread structure of the thread structure and the distance between adjacent threads. During the machining process, if the thread milling cutter is directly processed into a variety of rotating structures in different directions, for the transition section existing in the processing process or the thread that has returned to the groove structure, you can use the traditional cutting method Operation, but this method is difficult to perform precise machining operations for some more complex structural members, and the disadvantages shown are very obvious, but the CNC machining method has significantly improved the accuracy of the entire process, CNC cutting thread can effectively adjust the diameter and size of the thread during the work. The degree of control of the entire thread structure is particularly obvious, which effectively improves the accuracy and processing efficiency of the entire processing component.


Application of hole processing technology

During the thread cutting work, due to the rotation of the spindle in the machine tool, an effective connection was formed with the spindle of the machine tool, and two kinematic composite structures were formed during the revolution of the center point. Through this relatively special processing method, It directly shows the advantages of spiral milling in the machining process. First, in the spiral milling process, the cutting rate is relatively slow, and the cutting process is relatively stable.The external pressure on the cutting tool is relatively small, and the accuracy requirements of the entire machined component can be fully satisfied after one-shot molding. . The cutting trajectory needs to be set effectively at the center point of the cutting tool.The cutting line belongs to a spiral rather than a straight structure.The center area between the tool center point and the machining hole is overlapped to ensure that the entire machining status belongs to one. Dynamic, controllable workflow. In the actual cutting work, only one tool is needed, and the cutting member holes of different sizes and different qualities can be directly set.This improved method effectively shortens the working time produced by the traditional processing method, and also saves The disadvantages such as the complicated processing flow in the finishing process are effectively improved, and the working efficiency of the entire construction process is effectively improved. At the same time, the number and types of tools in the machining process are reduced, and the overall economic efficiency of the CNC machining work is improved.


In the spiral milling work, it is necessary to effectively control the process of disconnected cutting. Through this control method, it is beneficial for the tool to fully dissipate heat during the cutting process, so as to reduce the adverse impact of the ambient temperature on the tool. Prevents the workpiece from being deformed during the cutting process and effectively improves the machining accuracy of the entire workpiece.

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