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Analysis of the new process for precision machining of precision mechanical parts

Feb 27, 2020

1.Processing principle

The principle of abrasive flow processing. During abrasive particle flow processing, the fixture cooperates with the workpiece-shaped processing channel, and two opposing abrasive cylinders make the abrasive squeeze back and forth in this channel. The abrasive uniformly and gradually grinds the channel surface or corners, resulting in polishing and chamfering.

Thermal energy deburring processing technology principle. The thermal energy deburring method is to use high temperature to remove burrs and flashes of parts. The part to be processed is placed in a sealed combustion chamber, and the combustible gas (natural gas / methane / hydrogen) and oxygen are charged into the cavity at a certain ratio and pressure. , Outside, inside the hole, or even inside the blind hole. The spark plug ignites the gas and instantly generates a high temperature above the ignition point. Since the burr and flash are higher than the surface of the component, when the temperature rises sharply above the spontaneous ignition point of the burr and flash, the small volume of burr and flash will burn. When the burr burns to the main body of the workpiece, and the temperature rapidly drops below the auto-ignition point, the excess oxygen and burr in the cavity are mixed into oxidized dust. The processing principle is shown in Figure 1. This process is short enough to burn off the burrs and flashes without affecting the workpiece itself. After combustion, burrs and oxidized residues of burrs falling on all surfaces of the workpiece can be washed away with a solvent.


Deburring and polishing by electrochemical machining (ECM / ECD / ECP). During the part processing, the junction of the internal channel of the part is rough and burr, which not only affects the quality of the product, but also reduces the service life of the part. This problem has been plagued by parts manufacturing enterprises. Electrochemical deburring can solve this problem in production practice. This technology is mainly for processing the selected part of the workpiece. It is mainly to instantly dissolve the burr on the part by turning on the current, and at the same time, it can form precise rounded corners at the internal junction of the part. The processing time is generally between ten seconds and thirty seconds. Using this technology can improve the efficiency of part processing.


2.Process characteristics

Characteristics of abrasive flow processing technology. The goal of this processing technology is to be able to effectively improve the performance of parts, improve the quality and service life of parts, at the same time reduce the labor of processing personnel, and increase production efficiency. For example, for the processing of automobile air intake pipes, in order to polish the surface, it should be cut and polished before welding. This not only affects the beauty and use of the part, but also affects production efficiency. Second, the use of abrasive flow polishing technology can be polished directly without cutting. It can even complete parts with very strict quality requirements.


Features of thermal energy deburring processing technology. This processing technology can not only effectively remove burrs, but also not affect the size of the workpiece and its own structural characteristics. The use of traditional deburring technology often requires personnel to perform a quality inspection after the processing is completed to see if it is completely removed. Using this technology does not require re-inspection, which greatly improves production efficiency and guarantees quality. The previous technology can only process one or several parts, and this technology can process parts of almost all materials. This processing technology can also process some similar parts together. For parts of different sizes, only the processing parameters need to be changed without changing the time. This not only reduces the production cost of the enterprise, but also prolongs the service life of the parts.


Characteristics of electrochemical processing technology. This processing technology has its own characteristics. It is a highly efficient production technology. It can process various metal parts. Not only can it perform deburring processing technology, but it can also ensure that the manufactured parts are more precise and regular. This technology can be used for parts in the foundry industry and machining fields, and the amount of deburring is generally between 0.01-0.5mm. Can be controlled in the range of 0.01-25mm in most cases. In addition, the finish can generally be improved by five to ten grades, and the surface of the produced parts is smoother and more uniform.


3.Examples of new process applications

Examples of abrasive flow processing applications. The biggest advantage of this new processing technology is that it can meet the needs of different part sizes. Small holes as small as 0.2mm or gears with a diameter of 1.5mm, channels as large as 50mm in diameter, and even impellers with a diameter of 1.2mm can be easily realized. If it is processing parts of large machinery and equipment, special conveying channels need to be set up.

Features of abrasive flow processing technology: This method is mainly used in the case of trace removal of metal materials. This method can accurately and flexibly and stably remove burrs inside parts, thereby achieving product quality. Currently widely used in the automotive industry and manufacturing industry, the advantages are also obvious to all. Specifically, it has the advantage of being able to access the interior of more complex parts and smoothing the interior through equipment; the advancement and discharge work can also ensure uniformity and integrity. For batch parts, the processing effect of each part can be guaranteed to be the same. For example, during the production process of the cylinder head castings, the abrasive particles can reach 30 pieces per hour, and the degree of roughness has also decreased a lot, and the exhaust emissions during production have also been reduced by 7%, and the engine power has increased by 6%. The number of kilometers has also increased by 5%.

Examples of thermal deburring applications. Because this deburring process can remove any part of the burr as needed, even some positions that cannot be done by hand, such as the junction of parts, etc., it can achieve good results in the production of parts and automobile parts. In general, the advantages of this deburring process are that it can reduce the overall processing cost, increase the number of parts produced per unit time, and avoid repeated processing. Examples of electrochemical machining applications. Typical applications of electrochemical polishing include parts with high purity requirements, human surgical implants, bottle molds, and various stainless steel parts. Among them, ECM is suitable for processing special contours or special corner shapes that cannot be processed by conventional processing methods. ECD is suitable for machining workpieces that are difficult to reach holes and corners for deburring. ECP can provide high-quality polishing effects for milling 3D contour surfaces.


In summary, the article mainly analyzes and summarizes the new processes of deburring and polishing in the production process of precision mechanical parts. This method is suitable for a wide range of parts production, especially for automotive parts and mechanical parts. , Can further improve the processing technology of mold type parts. With the continuous development of this new process, it will inevitably be widely used in the field of machinery production and automobile manufacturing in the future.

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