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Analysis of Machining Process of CNC Machine Tools on Irregular Parts

Jan 10, 2020

CNC machine tools are superior to traditional processing methods when processing parts, but if the processing technology in this process is not advanced enough, many problems will occur during processing. Therefore, in order to ensure that the CNC machine tool does not produce errors, it is necessary to correctly use the parts used in the processing process, and then to ensure the smooth processing of parts, improve the processing efficiency of irregular parts, reduce the processing time, and better improve the economy income.

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1. Selection of processing tools

When CNC machine tools are processing irregular parts, the most important thing is to choose the correct processing tool, so as to ensure that no errors occur during processing. When machining a part, whether it is an irregular part or the bottom of the part, or the machining of the shaft on the wheel frame, the tool needs to be in an intermittent working state during the work process, because the involved cutting material is more This will place very high demands on the tool. Only cutting tools that meet the steel requirements can effectively cut and ensure smooth cutting. Under normal circumstances, it is very important to choose the size and type of the cutting tool. Generally, 80 ° C or 35 ° C blades are selected.

Tool wear directly affects the quality of processing, and poor quality will hinder the efficiency of processing. In the working process, if the cutting surface of the part is large, it will affect the tool and will continuously wear the tool. Usually, the wear of the tool will appear on the flank. Then, in the process of using the tool, it is necessary to observe the wear of the tool in real time and control the wear range of the tool, so that the tool can be avoided from being used excessively and cannot play its role.

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2.Selection of cutting amount

After the selection of the tool is completed, the amount of cutting needs to be determined, which has a certain impact on the machining of CNC machine tool parts. In this process, the productivity of parts has a certain relationship with the speed of the machine tool, cutting depth, and quantity of materials. Improving these aspects can improve the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools. However, in the actual processing process, several methods will be combined, because this can improve the service life of the equipment. When selecting the amount of turning, you need to ensure that the strength of the lathe is met. Generally, a lathe with a larger depth is selected. Every time you cut, you need to ensure that the cutting depth is about 2mm. After roughing the processing, you need to accurately process the parts again, so that you can improve processing efficiency, reduce time waste, and ensure part productivity. At the same time, it is very important to choose the appropriate feed amount, which has different requirements for roughing and finishing. For fine turning, the feed amount should be 0.05 ~ 0.2mm, but the requirements for rough turning are not so strict. Under normal circumstances, the influence of turning force will be considered. When the processing technology is satisfied, the feed is increased the amount.


3. Fixture design

The device that comes with the CNC machine tool cannot fully meet the processing of all irregular parts, and the corresponding device needs to be designed according to the specific parts, so as to meet the processing requirements. The fixture is mainly designed according to the corresponding data of the blank and the part. The design of the fixture should be based on the inner hole and the outer courtyard area of the blank. On this basis, a hole is added at a suitable position to ensure the correctness of the hole and meet the needs of the fixture parts. You also need to fix the pins in place to ensure that the blank is oriented correctly. Then in the formal design, the traditional processing method must be abandoned. The disadvantage of the traditional processing method is that the work efficiency is slow and it cannot meet the current production needs. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth processing of the blank, the positioning plate can be quickly positioned on the basis of the positioning plate. By this method, the working position can be guaranteed to be correct, and no offset will occur, which will help future processing.


4. Determination of benchmarks

Irregular parts have clear requirements for their size and surface roughness during processing. It is necessary to ensure that the data is kept within a reasonable range, so as to further ensure the quality of the part. In the process of processing, it is necessary to ensure that the three rotating wheels and the three-pronged shaft coincide with each other to ensure the smooth processing of irregular parts. In order to ensure the accuracy of the irregular parts, it is necessary to ensure that the fixture is in a reasonable position, clear the positioning of the reference, and promote the smooth completion of the processing of the irregular parts. When machine manufacturing industry processes irregular parts, the application of CNC machine tools can improve the processing efficiency and ensure the accuracy of processed parts.


5. Workpiece clamping and alignment

Correcting the specific clip can ensure that the specific use of the clip is accurate, which is directly related to the accuracy of the assembly. The problem needs to be controlled within a reasonable range to ensure that the data does not appear too large. When installing the clamp on the self-centering, it is necessary to ensure that the rotation axis of the control clamp and the main axis of the lathe are controlled within 0.01mm. Then you need to install the blank at an appropriate position, adjust the angle, and pay attention to continuous adjustment during the processing to ensure the accuracy of the processing data and the quality of the part processing.

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